B.O.T.S. and the Robofriends is a top-down shooter rouge-lite with two games modes, a narrative based story mode, and an infinite mode known as arcade mode. Both game modes support up to 4 player cooperative gameplay, with 4 unique robot characters to choose from. The game features classic top-down levels with updated mechanics such as procedurally generated maps, drop-in play for easy multiplayer at any time, and a cartoon sci-fi art style that decorates the world with a neon glow. Explore 12 different levels in story mode, and collect 20 different Robofriends with unique combat abilities. Gamers both young and old will enjoy the action packed combat, colorful cast of robot characters, and ability to play with friends remote or on the couch side-by-side.

STU was created to be a combat robot however while in development military contracts where abandoned. While re-training STU his creator found it was better to start over than adjust an already trained robot. STU was never mass-produced and abandoned for other projects. STU strives to follow orders even though he has an impulsive personality. He fights with dual rapid-fire laser cannons. Using the cover upgrade STU can take cover and focus on rapid firing.

October model 001 AKA RED was commander and sole survivor of the Civilized War. RED is the first robot made by Innovation Robotics founder Reginald Murphy. He is retired and on display in the Innovation Robotics Museum a monument to military robots. RED is quick thinking and responsible. He is dedicated to his mission whatever it may be. Equipped with rockets that remote detonate RED is effective from long range and when using the POWER upgrade to increase his rocket count.

A child-like construction robot. TOM is currently in development and approaching his company presentation. Equipped with plasma buzz saws capable of cutting through most metals TOM will be a helpful construction worker. TOM excels at close range combat and closes the gap to punch with his saws. At long range TOM will throw his saws which will ricochet and return to him after some time. Pairing the Boost upgrade with TOM can effectively take advantage of his multiple attack styles.

As the Bots search Innovation Robotics, they encounter and rescue helpful robots called Robofriends. Even though they are not made to battle, the Robofriends rise to action when rescued by the Bots. Robofriends provide unique ways to aid you against the invading enemies. From healing your Bot, to protecting with a bubble shield, or even blasting your enemies with fire!

BRI is an electric robot with attitude. Due to a bug discovered in her field testing this robot was discontinued and Robofriends ARK and BUTLER BILL were made in her place. She distrusts most humans but is very kind and like a big sister to the other Robofriends in Innovation Robotics. When in combat BRI uses her electric attacks to block enemies' projectiles. When attacked she will discharge an electric shock in a circle around herself which is highly effective when used with the Armor upgrade.

The story is set in the year 2083 and follows a young robot named TOM, who is thrust into battle when his home is attacked by hordes of mindless robots called G.A.R.D. units. The intruders are searching for a super computer named MOTHER, which is rumored to be hidden somewhere in TOM’s home, the mega corporation known as Innovation Robotics. As the Bot TOM and his companion robots BRI, RED, and STU defend Innovation Robotics, they encounter and rescue helpful robots called Robofriends. The Bots must embark on a rescue mission to save their home, save the Robofriends, and track down and defeat the sinister G.A.R.D captains who have taken over Innovation Robotics.


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action packed gameplay and story Play by yourself or with friends, picking from one of four robot characters with unique attributes and attacks. Utilize upgradeable abilities in battle for fast paced top-down combat. The story mode features fully voiced cut scenes comic book art style, seven story levels with challenging bosses, and emotional narrative about the four main characters and their experiences as sentient lifeforms. Procedurally Generated levels Complete up to 200 floors of procedurally generated levels with increasing difficulty in the rouge-like arcade mode. Completing Arcade Mode levels will unlock log book entries. These are scientific observations of the events that take place before and during the game's story. Indulge in the lore and discover mysteries surrounding the Bots and their companions by unlocking all 110 of the log book entries.

Friends and fans alike participated in a stream-athon special showcasing B.O.T.S. and the Robofriend's multiplayer gameplay.

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